Our cafe offers a wide selection of drinks, snacks and hot meals. We also offer a range of gluten free and vegan options- please ask staff for more info


(served until 11.30am)

Bacon sandwich        £2.70

Sausage sandwich     £2.70  
Sausage/bacon sandwich £3.20
Beans on toast          £2.20     Full English Breakfast  £4.20
Cheese on toast        £2.30     
2 slices of toast           80p

Sandwiches and baguettes

​Ham or Cheese Sandwich £2.10
Ham or cheese Baguette £3.50 
Cheese and tomato Sandwich £2.20
Tuna Mayo Sandwich             £2.50
Cheese and salad Sandwich     £2.20
Ham and salad Sandwich        £2.20
Chicken Tikka Sandwich          £2.60                      
Chicken and Bacon Sandwich   £2.60
(Or make it a Baguette for      £3.50) 
Ham cob/ cheese and tomato cob £1.30

Main Meals

served with chips or potato wedges

Beef burger             £4
Cheese burger          £4.10
Chicken burger         £4.25
Spicy chicken burger  £4.25   
Veggie burger          £4
Chicken chunks         £4.25
Cod cubes               £4.25
Sausage and mash    £4

Children's Meals

​Served with:
Beans, peas or sweetcorn    
Veggie Nuggets and chips
or smiley faces/stars          £3.00
Sausage and chips
or smiley faces/stars          £3.00
Fish fingers and chips
or smiley faces/stars          £3.00
Hot dog                         £3.00 

Side orders

​Chips                      £1.60

Chips and gravy        £2.30
Cheesy chips             £2.50
Onion rings               £1.60
Garlic bread             £2.10
Cheesy garlic bread    £2.50
2 slices bread n butter 60p
Gravy                      70p
Packet of crisps          60p

Pitta Bread

Cheese and Salad                £2.20
Ham and Salad                   £2.20
Tuna Mayo and Salad           £2.60
Pitta bread pizza
(cheese and tomato topping)  £2.80

Jacket Potatoes

Plain                 £3.30
Cheese              £3.60     
Chicken Tikka      £3.95
Tuna Mayo          £3.95            
Chicken & bacon   £3.95
Extra filling          70p


​Cheese and tomato £4.25
Hawaiian £4.25
Pepperoni £4.25
Gluten Free Pizza £4.25


Jug of orange/
blackcurrant/apple juice    £1.50
Fruit Shoot                      £1.20
Mineral Water                 £1.20
Slush                             £1.30
Milkshake                       £1.50
Diet Pepsi/7Up                 £1.40
Coffee                           £1.60
Cafe Latte                      £1.60
Mocha                          £1.60
Cappuccino                   £1.60
Tea                              £1.30
Hot Chocolate                £1.60
Hot chocolate dream
(whipped cream
and marshmallows )        £2.25


​Cheese and tomato,
ham and cheese or
cheese and onion    £3.50 
extra filling               70p

Sweet treats

​Victoria Sponge Cake           £1.20

Alabama Fudge Cake           £1.20

Ice cream                         £1.60

Chilled cakes                     £1.20

Chocolate bars                    60p

Sweet cones                      £1

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